General Specifications
Control Electronics
Power Supply
10-30 Volts, 2.5 Watts idle, 5 Watts at max ping rate of 10 pings/sec (typical)
69 x 38 mm. 4 mm below bottom mounting surface, 18 mm above bottom mounting surface
Ethernet (RJ45 connector), USB (micro-USB connector), 3.3-5.0V Serial (6 pin JST-GH)
External Sync
3.3-5.0V digital Sync Input is available to optionally trigger pings timed to avoid interference with other acoustic devices. Sync Out (3.3V) is also available to signal the start and end of each ping emitted by the S500. (Available in a future f/w update)
Communications Protocol
Minimum Range Resolution
3 mm up to 17 meter range
9 mm up to 50 meter range
24 mm over 50 meter range
reduced resolution optional to reduce waterfall data rate
Acoustic Frequency
500 kHz
Beam Width (2-way, conical)
about 5 degrees.
CHIRP with 20 kHZ bandwidth
monotone ping also supported
Minimum Range
0.3 meters
Maximum Range
100+ meters
Depth Rating
300 meters
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